We now have a ten minute film of the wood and our activities. We already had a two minute version which was made by two young film-makers for the Sheffield Docfest. They made the film at their own expense with our help and it made the final in it's category and was very well received. The grant money from the Woodland Trust enabled us to pay their expenses (£100) to produce a longer version which contains many tree stories. Please see link:


FOGW 10' Film

Members of The Friends of Gillfield Wood or their associates have recommended the following publications. Each publication either relates directly to our efforts to conserve Gillfield or to a subject matter relative to the wood. If you have any suggestions of publications, articles etc. that might be of interest please contact the Badger through the Contact page.


The Badger


Publication Title Author Information
Sheffield's Woodland Heritage 4th Edition Professor Mel Jones ISBN 978-1-904098-14-0

Ancient Woodland, History, Industry & Crafts

The latest book by Professor Ian Rotherham due out in March 2013.


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