Phase 2 Goes Ahead!


With support from FOGW, Ian Rotherham's Group from Sheffield Hallam University has been awarded Lottery Funding for the project to look at the woodland heritage and watercourse.


Below is an outline proposal and schedule for the activities that hopefully many of you will participate in with the same enthusiasm as you did during the Level 1 Survey in 2013. All of these activities will be co-ordinated by Ian and his group. For more information visit Ian Rotherham's webpage on and click on "Gillfield Wood".


We really hope that a sufficient number of members turn up to these events to make this project as big a success as the Level 1 Survey was.


For an update of our findings please visit the new page by clicking on the link below:


Phase 2 Update



Gillfield Wood’s Wider Woodland Heritage – indicative programme & timetable


With seasonal pressure upon us, we are organising a series of 3 x 1⁄2 -day field-based workshops on Waxcap indicator fungi and hedgerows. These will be run by Dr Paul Ardron and Dr Barry Wright together.


The meetings will convene at the Scout Hut on Aldam Road, Totley at 10 am and close at 2 pm.


The target will be to cover the hedgerows which Barry has not already surveyed with the group and to map the Waxcap fungi – especially on the pasture areas south of the main wood – these may tell us about a ‘shadow wood’ ‘ghost wood’ or ‘wood pasture’.


The hedgerow work will link to botanical indicator surveys in the spring.


1st Nov. / 8th Nov. / 22nd Nov.

Waxcaps & autumn hedgerow surveys in the field (3 x 1⁄2 day sessions 10am to 2pm with Dr Paul Ardron and Dr Barry Wright

21st or 28th Nov.

Evening launch event at Totley Library with presentations from Ian Rotherham, Christine Handley, Simon Doncaster and Paul Ardron. (7-9pm)

Jan. – April

Archival research –intro. session and work in local studies & archives libraries – with Christine Handley

Feb. - March

Understanding the standing stones: Hydrology & Topographical surveys along watercourse – with Dr Simon Doncaster and Dr Kevin Spence. Geology with Dr Frank Spode.

April – June

Woodland Indicators / wood pasture / shadow woods / spring hedgerow surveys – with Dr Barry Wright and Professor Ian Rotherham

May – June

Review workshops x 2

July – Sept.

Drawing it all together: report writing; leaflet & output production


Final celebratory event

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Gillfield Wood - known locally also as Gillyfield Wood was first documented in 1561 as ‘a springe wood called Jyll felde’ but is certainly much older. Sinuous in shape and following the Totley Brook, it is at the edge of Sheffield near the Peak District National Park, lying on the boundary between both Totley and Holmesfield and South Yorkshire and Derbyshire. Gillfield is a peaceful wood, mostly replanted with American (red) oak and larch in the 1960’s but retaining much of its ancient spring flora including swathes of bluebells and wood anemones.


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Level 1 Archaeological Survey Report - all features found in the wood.

The Story of Gillfield Wood - full history from our surveys and research.

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