OUR INDOOR MEETINGS are held in the Totley Library and start at 7.30pm. There will be publicity advertising these events in the local press, on the website, emailed out and on posters located at various sites around Totley and in the Wood. All are very welcome to come along and join us. If you would like to offer to help with these in any way, please do get in touch with the Secretary: fogwsecretary@gmail.com


We also have occasional GUIDED WALKS usually at the weekends which are advertised in the same way.


OUR CONSERVATION WORK MORNINGS are from 10am for 2 to 3 hours on the last Sunday of the month if the weather is okay. There is always a SCC Ranger there with appropriate tasks (light and heavy) and tools. We meet either at the Baslow Road bus terminus, the Scout Hut on Aldam Road, Totley or at the end of Totley Hall Lane. They are advertised on posters around Totley, in the local press and nearer the date are emailed out. Tea, coffee and biscuits provided. 


If you are interested in helping us carry out such work in Gillfield Wood with a Ranger from Sheffield City Council or have any questions, please contact fogwsecretary@gmail.com


Dates for 2020 (all Sundays) are as follows:

·         16th February

·         29th March

·         26th April

·         24th May

·         21st June

.         19th July

·         30th August

·         27th September

·         25th October

·         22nd November

·         20th December 


We are also going to arrange a few mid-week Conservation Mornings where we will not have the help of a Council Ranger but will concentrate on tasks we can do independently. 


Meet at the Baslow Road bus terminus at 0930. Bring spade/shovel and rake if you have them/one.  And gloves and flask. We will probably finish around 11.30 but feel free to come and go to suit.


The programme of events for 2020 is as follows:



Monday 3rd: “Free Bird” an illustrated talk by Pete Brown. An outline: “In 2016 well known local bird watcher Pete Brown set out to see how many bird species he could find in the Sheffield area during the year at no cost to his pocket or the planet. Birding by bike, boots and bus pass Pete set a target of finding 150 species and through sponsorship, of raising £1,500 for Cancer Research UK. “Free Bird” is the story of that adventure”. 

Saturday 15th: Bird Walk - the first of the year Meet at the bottom of Totley Hall Lane by the metal gate at 0900. All welcome, no experience necessary.  Warm clothes and suitable footwear are recommended as it can be muddy.


Walk lasts between 2 and 3 hours.  Don't forget your binoculars if you have them.  Let us hope we see a few winter thrushes.



Monday 27th:  "Swifts Need Your Help" an illustrated talk by John H. Ellicock.  This will cover the life of Swifts and a local project that is trying to ensure Swifts continue to fly in the skies above us and enrich our lives in summer. A real insight into the project that includes the making and erection of nest boxes in local villages.


Our Annual General Meeting will be held at the beginning of the meeting.



Monday 28th:  "Hedgehogs" an illustrated talk by Jo Wilkinson covering the status of Hedgehogs in Britain, their ecology and behaviour and what we can do to help them and survey them.  Jo runs the Hedgehog Friendly Campus Project protecting and supporting Hedgehogs on several university campuses.



Sunday 11th: Small Mammal Trapping in Gillfield Wood.  A joint event with the Sorby Natural History Society led by Val Clinging.  Traps are set the previous evening and then inspected on the Sunday morning to observe up close any small mammals caught before they are released unharmed.  Further details to be confirmed nearer the time.



Saturday 14th: Fungi Survey in Gillfield Wood.  A joint event with the Sorby Natural History Society led by Chris Kelly.  Further details to be confirmed nearer the time.


Monday 1st February 2021: The Tenants and Workers of Abbey Dale Forge 1738-1933. A talk by Pauline BurnettFollowing its growth from a single grinding wheel dependent on the R. Sheaf for power, the talk covers the aspirations of its tenants in the development the forge, as well as its eventual decline as the steel industry expanded throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Covering the highs and lows of both tenants and workers lives, it aims to illustrate the industrial and social past associated with the R. Sheaf in Abbeydale and Totley.

Coming Soon (see Events page for details):


Monday 3rd February: “Free Bird” an illustrated talk by Pete Brown.


Saturday 15th February: Bird Walk - the first of the year.


Sunday 16th February: PCM morning.


Monday 27th April:  "Swifts Need Your Help" an illustrated talk by John H. Ellicock.


Monday 28th September:  "Hedgehogs" an illustrated talk by Jo Wilkinson.


Sunday 11th October: Small Mammal Trapping led by Val Clinging.


Saturday14th November: Fungi Survey led by Chris Kelly.


Monday 1st Feb 2021: Abbey Dale Forge  1738-1933. A talk by Pauline Burnett.