Monday 25 April: 7.30 pm in Totley Library  A short Annual General Meeting will be followed by an illustrated talk by Ben Keywood, an Entomologist working with Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust.  The talk is called the Fall and Rise of Sheffield's butterflies and covers the changing populations and distribution of butterflies in our area, covering what we know from Edwardian and Victorian collectors and the impact from environmental change such as loss of habitat and air quality.  We will also look at the state of butterflies in the present day and what to expect for the future.

Monday 21st February, 2022, 7.30pm An illustrated talk by Pauline Burnett on The Tenants and Workers of Abbey Dale Forge 1738-1933.


Following its growth from a single grinding wheel dependent on the R. Sheaf for power, the talk co-vers the aspirations of its tenants in the development the forge, as well as its eventual decline as the steel industry expanded throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Covering the highs and lows of both tenants and workers lives, it aims to illustrate the industrial and social past associated with the R. Sheaf in Abbeydale and Totley.

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Saturday 28 May: Bird and Butterfly Walk


Sunday 5 June: Practical Conservation


Wednesday 27 July:  Practical Conservation


Sunday 31 July:  Fun family event 


Saturday 3 September: an evening walk


Sunday 25 September: Practical Conservation


Sunday October 23: Small Mammal Trapping with Val Clinging


Monday 24 October: illustrated talk by FOGW member Stuart Davies.


Sunday 30 October: Practical Conservation


Monday 5 December: illustrated talk by Professor Ian Rotherham