Two of the many children engrossed while taking part in our Small Mammal Trapping event on Sunday 10th October 2021.


Six Wood Mice and three Bank Voles were successfully caught, inspected and released.  For the full article, click here to go to the Events page.

Totley Swift Group erecting a dual chambered nest box for Swifts in October 2021.  Hopefully more Swift nest boxes will be introduced with camera and sound system to involve the school children in the lives of Swifts.  Another box has been erected by the Group on Totley All Saints School.  For more detail use this link to go to the Totley Swift Group page.

Coming Soon (see Events page for further details):


Saturday 11th November: Fungi Survey 


Monday 4th December: -  talk by Derek Whiteley on Nature and  Christmas. 

The next PCMs for 2023/24 are scheduled for:


Sun 19th Nov

Sun 14th Jan

Sun 11th Feb

Sun 10th March


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